Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Update from yesterday's appointment

Dr. V had to deliver a baby (or actually, I think it was twins) so we saw Dr. Beth. She was nice...you could tell she was kinda in a hurry. She said the pain I am having is normal, and verified that they are both still boys. She said I am measuring a month ahead still on the belly, at 26 weeks, which is totally normal. I also gained 4 lbs, up 17 total from my pre-pregnancy weight, which I think is good. My hunger has definitely kicked up some. Dr V said she'd like to see me gain 40, so I am even behind for that. I don't know...the food fest might be coming soon!

And in other good news, they finally got a cot for me at school. It is now residing in the teacher's lounge so "everyone can share it," (I'm the only one right now who needs off my feet, but there are 3 other PG teachers due within a month of me) and while not my favorite local, (Brownies have their meetings in there, I'm going to have to disinfect it) it'll do pig, it'll do.

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