Friday, September 01, 2006

School's in!

So I've made it through the first week and a half of school! YAY! So far, things have been going well. Thankfully, the schedule I was given this year has been WAY easier than the one I had last year. Someone was looking out for me.

In tader tot news, I went to the new OB's office yesterday for the first time. It was just a meeting with the nurse, and more blood draws, and lots of peeing in a cup. But the girl I got was SO talkative, I was there for 3 hours!!!! YIKES! Everyone was leaving when I left.

They asked if I wanted my husband to come back with me, except it was PAPAW, not D, so I laughed extremely lound, and then told her it was my Papaw, not my DH. She said "OOPS! I didn't see his face!" LOL!

One of the questions on the form: have you had sexual intercourse in the past. DUH....I'm guessing all the PG patients have!!!

Papaw had tot ake me because of the "Great BOB incident of 2006," in which Bob broke down on 270 Wednesday afternoon. Luckily, he's fixed, with minimal damage to the bank account. Then this a.m., D called to say that he had a flat....will it evere end?!?!?!?

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